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abbreviation. That Shit Ain't Right.
he dumped you for a 20-year-old? T.S.A.R.
by judah maccabee April 17, 2009
4 3
An abbreviation of the phrase "that shit ain't right."
Man, that girl with no teeth is TSAR.

He TSAR'd himself by kissing the girl with no teeth.
by unforgiven0388 November 12, 2009
19 17
that shit ain't right
i saw a fat chick in a tube top and thong. TSAR!
by squrel October 24, 2009
7 7
The other way to spell czar. Both are considered correct.
Czar? Tsar? Either way they pwn those Rusky bastards!
by Elitist January 01, 2004
26 26
Used to give a nickname to a person named Ryan. Abbreviated as follows: The Super Amazing Ryan.
"Hey, here comes TSAR"
by tumbleweed April 25, 2005
4 47