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an especially handsome man (or handsome woman, depending) with debonair, genteel manners, a slick demeanor, good taste, and an eye for attractive ladies.
they just don't make fellas like that any more.
by dagger_grrl March 17, 2004
A man who is extremely suave, much like a Don Juan. More romantic connotation than playboy. Called a ladykiller due to his ability to shoot an arrow of love through a lady's heart.
Billy Bob: "Dja see the heads turn when he walked in the room?"
Clem: "Yeah, they don't call him the ladykiller for nothing."
by aokjunebug91 February 02, 2008
A very awesome set of Abs, six pack, or wash board stomach.
I can't wait for beach season, show off the Lady Killers
by Jeff Patterson December 25, 2006
old school, vintage automobile, generally circa mid- to late 1980's, often trimmed with rust.
Girl: "So, whaddya drive, big boy?"
Guy: "An '86 Ladykiller."
Girl: Wow. Take me home now and ravage me."
by Buster Hymen March 07, 2004
A game invented by Blackjack Ho Dude one day out of boredom. Here's how you play Ladykiller: first, you need an IM program that has access to local chats (Yahoo IM is ideal!). Next, enter a user-made chat that says something along the lines of "13-15 TEENZ ONLY OMGWTF!1!11". Now, here's the fun! All you say in the room is "15/f/ca" and count how many people IM you in a minute. The horniest people in the chat are the ones IMing you, and the goal is to try and get as many as you can just by saying "15/f/ca" only once! You can place bets with your friends, like, how many you can get or how many you think you can get. The possibilities are endless!
What to say to the people IMing you after the minute is up: The game is called Ladykiller. Go in a chatroom and type "15/f/ca" and see how many people IM you in a minute. The horniest people in the chat are the ones IMing you. You're number 1 to IM. (change the number for the order of people who IMed you)
by blackjack ho dude May 02, 2005
noun, usually describing a man who is well-endowed, someone with a large penis.
You got a big foot, you must be a lady killer
by lady killer February 26, 2005
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