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16 definitions by ZaiMatarese

The luckiest bastard in the world. He just about falls ass-backwards into money without doing work.
Kramer's life is a fantasy camp.
by ZaiMatarese August 22, 2003
Best. Heroine. EVER.

She's a red-crested Breegull (Not a real type of bird) and hangs out with Redneck DX aka Banjo The Bear.
Kazooie can save my ass anyday.
by ZaiMatarese August 22, 2003
The previously unreleased in America prequel to the Super Nintendo game, EarthBound.
EarthBound Zero isn't as advanced as EarthBound, but it's still good.
by ZaiMatarese August 22, 2003
An evil, chubby bastard, who's like is devoted to making Ness's a living nightmare. He became Giygas's lefthand man, and rode around in a spider-bot that farts.
by ZaiMatarese August 22, 2003
Author of above defination, and one of the coolest artists ever.
I've been a big fan of Killachu's art for some time now.
by ZaiMatarese August 16, 2004
Former Presidnet Clinton's catchphrase. See also bring em on
by ZaiMatarese August 22, 2003
1) Common mispelling of Kitsune (A Japanese Fox).

2) A type of food.
1) See kitsune
2) Kitsume, ironically, is also served mainly in Japan.
by ZaiMatarese November 23, 2003