Throttle Position Sensor. A common part of a fuel injection system that reports throttle position back to the ECM. It's calibration is critical for proper vehicle performance.
I have to take my bike back to the dealer to get the TPS reset . . . thanks Erik.
by none. November 08, 2005
1. Often used when texting to call a nasty girl who has been around with every one in the trailer-park a "trailer-park slut".

2. Used as a code when around adults (parents,teachers) or in a public place such as school to call a girl a who leaves in a "trailer-park a slut".

3. A girl who happens to live in a trailer-park that likes to have sex with everyone who lives there.
That girl there is a TPS don't mess around with her.
by D-Mann22 ,Atwaan,Julien December 04, 2009
TPS- stand for Tiny Penis Syndrome.
Usually contracted from extended exposure to cold water.
"Shit bro, all that swimming gave me TPS!"
by Viral soldier September 13, 2009
The Pirate Society is a community devoted primarily to filesharing topics, mainly bittorrent, with sections devoted to tracker invites. However, one may find just about any and every topic discussed, TPS is a large thriving online community with tremendous diversity which is shared by all its members.

Tps may refer also to:
- Third-person shooter
- Transactions per second
dude1: wtf!! u re using FtN tracker!!!!
dude2: hell yeah! got my invitation from TPS last night :)
by LastSd July 18, 2009
Tiny Penis Syndrome
TPS: when your dick is extremely small, like a newborn, only when your "full grown"
by Khalvar January 23, 2009
Tiny Penis Syndrome. Causes the affected person to act arrogent and most likely have a very large truck and/or lots of expensive stuff
Did you see James trying to be all cool and and impress everyone with his truck's new stereo system? He's probably compensating for his bad case of TPS.
by TwistedEmotion July 02, 2006
Throttle Position Sensor
Your range rover's TPS needs to be replaced.
by Kanaka March 20, 2004

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