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A term used to define all races, colors and creeds of a group of people over the age of 60 who tend to roam around super markets, more often than not at Market Basket -- or "The Basket" -- a New England super market chain, at such an amazingly slow pace that it is hard to comprehend. In addition, while they are roaming, they have no fucking clue what the hell they came to the store to buy and thus look at every item on the shelves in a side to side, or up and down manner making their nose -- or beak -- very amusing to watch, especially when in packs. The term scissor comes from what these people need to use to clip the hairs in their beaks.
Otis - "I can't believe how many scissor beaks were congregating at the checkout line at The Basket this morning."
by A7XRockkr June 20, 2009
An acronym meaning quite literally "Tiny Penis Syndrome" in which case the penis must be at length of 3 inches or less.
"Jim flashed me last night and he had a serious case of TPS, it was terrible..."
by A7XRockkr December 01, 2007

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