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A dieing breed in california
person 1- where are all the tax payers at?
person 2- they left this hell hole california because they tax(see steal) us to death and expect us to stay, if you do stay what the hell are you doing, get out of there because the toilets flushing and it will only get worse.
by cow1964 September 17, 2009
An employee of the government. Unlike other government employees (i.e. Post Office workers, Congressman), tax payers can be fired and actually have to work for a living.
Damn, I pay so much taxes that I am an employee of the government.
by dtugg November 09, 2004
A term used to describe citizens who aren't involved in street crime or the drug trade, who the police and local government feel a higher amount of responsibility to protect.
He don't fuck with no taxpayers... having cops sniffing around is bad for business
by ap00000 September 22, 2010
A driver who lacks the inclination to choose which side of the road to drive on. The assumption being that since they paid taxes to build said roads, they will use any and all of it as they see fit.
That drunk ass son of a bitch is driving like a taxpayer! Stay back at least 500 feet until he runs off the road and plummets off of this cliff!
by K. Hartnell May 03, 2007
Term for "citizen" used by Republicans, who measure citizenship by how much money you make. Note that how much money you make is not proportional to your income, and that under Bush's tax plans, only income you earn yourself (as opposed to dividends and inheritance) is actually taxed.
Supply-siders bitch that the top 20% pay over 40% of the taxes, but the top 10% control over 90% of the wealth.
by Xyzzy February 05, 2005
Someone who doesn't have to take a public service exam to work for the government.
We need more taxpayers.
by AmbientLion January 17, 2004
Any individual that for one reason or another is an complete and total idiot when it is written in plain english how to do something.
"i can't believe he just did that"
"He must be a taxpayer"
by weahhead October 17, 2006
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