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Tiny Peruvian Cock. Found on every single peruvian, including the women.
Dude, did you see Jairo Castillo's TPC today in the locker room?
by Jairo Castibbo September 27, 2010
A short text meaning for Tempermental Problem Child.
I hate tpc's they are a bunch of retards.
by pokepotty August 05, 2011
Texture Processing Clusters
The GT216 GPU in the GeForce GT 220 has only two TPC , each containing 24 SPs for a total of 48 processor cores.
by Oday Sawaqed October 18, 2009
An acronym for Canadian band, Tokyo Police Club.
Sid: Oi, I got tickets to see TPC. Wanna come?
Cassie: Wow. Of course!
by thesearenotflowers September 20, 2008
THe pretty commitee. Its used in books like the clique to show the most popular group in school.
I dont have an example from the books but TPC just THAT group everyone wants to be you know?
by BlONdE_DuCHeSs January 14, 2007

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