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A bitch to the cunt power. A woman so beyond bitch or cunt levels that she has to be called a yow.
I'm so glad my old boss is now at another company down south. She was a complete yow.
by Tabosage April 10, 2011
comes from comic character zippy the pinhead meaning surprise or attention.
Yow! check out the new hack.
by theannoymous1 January 04, 2013
A local english blackcountry term (dialect) for "you" which dates back to viking times of that area.
"you can't do that " yow cor do thaa"
"your mad" "yowm mod"
by blisterj November 19, 2008
over emphasized WOW
YOW!! what the fuck?
by phantom linguist April 03, 2010
an adjective used to respond to surprising or unappealing questions, requests, or statements
Buddy:hey bro look at that fat girl over there thats all you!

Wingman: YOOOWWW bro thats F*cked up man

buddy: dude i got hit and hte other guy took off now i cant fix my car.

buddy2: yow that sux bro
by Ron Vera March 31, 2007
The airport code for Ottawa

"Where you from?"
by acccco March 09, 2009
Another way for saying Yo without sounding black
Yow! Whats up man?
by DF006 May 08, 2006

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