time pass
person1:wat u doin?
p2: nuthin man,jus tp
by yo November 30, 2003
"Tight Pussy" A girl whos vagina is just a slit, labia not hanging out, and also a very tight hole that can handle 2 fingers MAX. Can also be used to suggest a very sexy petite girl.
"I wish every girl had a TP"
"Damn that TP over there is smokin hot"
by Kertef,Corobo January 07, 2003
triple penetration (1 in the pink, 2 in the stink)
"oh yeah baby put a dick in my pussy and 2 dicks in my ass!"
by Dave February 25, 2005
Titty pics
John: "dude I've been snapping this chick for weeks now, still no t.p."
Jason: "damn bro, move on."
by Tellitlikeit_is December 01, 2014

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