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A tunnel that has and end
Bob: "Let's explore this tunnel."

Frank: "Oh no! a DEAD END!"

Bob: "I guess its a cave then."
by mathraptor July 08, 2009
The act of going through every photo/video/piece of information for one given person on Facebook.
Billie: "You HAVE to see the ears on this kid!"

Bob:"Then let us commence facecreeping"
by mathraptor September 09, 2009
Tim Hortons Positioning System. Similiar to GPS.

Sixth sense every Canadian is born with, used to locate the nearest Tim Hortons.
Billie: "20 hours, no sleep, need CAFFEINE"

Bob:"Well turn left here, my TPS is going off"
by mathraptor September 09, 2009
Word shouted out from speeding cars to unsuspecting by-standers for purpose of enraging and confusing.
Scene: Two women stand unsuspectingly outside a movie theatre, when a menacingly red sunfire approaches.

"BUSHPEG!" shouts the passenger.

*The women look at eachother, perplexed, and add a definition to UD.*
by mathraptor September 09, 2009
When tape is placed uner the paws of cat for the amusement of humans.
Mr.Whiskers: "What's with the funny walk?"

Mittens: "Damn humans and their sticky-paws!!!"
by mathraptor July 23, 2009
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