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Spain, spanish slang for friend, mate, buddy, uncle.

"Que pasa tio!"

"Que tal Cabron."
by herbiewa November 17, 2005
226 67
This is Oost (This is East, Amsterdam East). Originated from the movie "Blood Diamond". Danny Archer and his Superior "Van de Kaap" are talking about TIA; this is Africa.
Lets trash this place properly, "T.I.O. this is East, welcome!".
by ssan January 07, 2009
9 1
The sexual act of one partner swallowing a desk bell, waiting several hours, then having the other partner reach in and ring the bell, imitating Tio from Breaking Bad, but up the butt.
Dude, I heard Shiri got Tio'd by Mason last night!
by Justaboxx September 14, 2012
17 11
The Ignoble Order. An online gaming community of real life friends and a bunch of other a**holes who got picked up along the way.
Ohh man, T.I.O. totally ran a train on my mom last night.
by T.I.O. Reaper July 24, 2011
8 2
TIO or 'The Indecent Ones' A group of people, who talk, act or think about being indecent.
"Oh golly, today I thought about groping my favourite singer!"

"Oh how indecent, join TIO old chap"
by Raah January 07, 2008
26 36
This is Oakland.
"Someone got shot outside my house last night, TIO"
by M-com March 28, 2009
15 35