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The Original Douche.
Man, that Adam is such a tod.

An extreme version of a tod can other wise be known as a tod-bag--- the original douche-bag.
by Amshington November 30, 2008
Slang for the word today. Usually used in text messages and online chat.
You doing anything tods?

Nah, just chillin.
by L and N Dawg October 21, 2010
Derived from teh cult classic Napoleon Dynamite. Variant of PO'd but it means ticked off.
11 year old A- dude i was so fricking angry
11 year old B- oh my gosh!
11 year old A- he made fun of my sweaterfest, i was like " GO TO H - E DOUBLE HOCKEYSTICKS!!!!!"
11 year old B- GASP!!!
11 year old A- I know right? I was so TO'd
by Lesley February 20, 2005
"tod = touch of downs" someone who looks like they habe down syndrome, but dont actually have the disease
"god vinny looks like a tod", "tod can you go get us the water hammer off the engine", "why did tod open up the line on the interior truck team"
by gcfd70 September 20, 2007
Thing of Darkness - something that frightens you and takes away your confidence, energy, motivation. When it passes by you it extracts your soul. It controls your mood and can ruin your day.
Red Alert: TOD is on the move.

Look out, here comes TOD.
by Victim of TOD July 10, 2008
An amazing guy. One who is faithful to the women he's with. Values his family and friends highly. He's sexy and an all around wonderful catch! Smart, charming and funny too. Do not let this one go, whether friend, family or more!!
You'd be lucky if you got a Tod!
by Bella23 February 03, 2010
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