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Someone completely useless. Short for "as useless as Tits On A Bull". Used to identify someone by name
Man, i hate working with TOAB
by JamesMurray January 13, 2006
A tan,old,alcoholic blonde. They have fake blonde hair,the majority of them are tan,they are 40 or older,they smoke,and they have a raspy voice.
She is a toab.
by Alan Woo! November 25, 2011
Is simply a Tweaker On a Bike.
We have all seen them rolling around town all hours of the night dumpster diving and what not.
Dude did you see that T.O.A.B digging through the dumpster??
by InfamousBigRob October 03, 2013
Male genetalia
Suck my toab
by FRTC August 28, 2003

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