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The accumulated knowledge of everything that is currently hip, or was previously hip and the ability to use this data to determine what will be hip in the future. The application of this knowledge could be referred to as hipnology.
“You’re right; I better brush up on my hypnology before we go out tonight”. "That krazy_eskimo777, even though he's a yahoo, it's only obvious he's a master of hipnology".
by Anathema August 12, 2006
A county on the west coast of Michigan with no middle class. In fact, the majority has no class at all. The upper class still wear flip flops year 'round as formal wear and the lower class wear dirty bedroom slippers for every day, outdoor wear. This Muskegon behavior can be particularly observed at the East Muskegon Walmart. Muskegon loves Obama and free shit, even if it isn't given. A Muskegon heights resident may punch out your car window in midday and steal your car stereo with you still sitting in the driver's seat, leaving you feeling, "Skee'd." The beaches are beautiful to the eye, but not so lovely to the nostrils. Watch out for diapers, tampon dispensers and needles while strolling your sunset beach in "Skeetown."
Unfortunate Tourist: "I don't know what happened! I heard a crash, saw a fast, black blur and in a split second, my stereo was gone and my window was busted!"

Muskegonite: "You were 'Skee'd".
by anathema June 23, 2013

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