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Located in Harrison New York( its basically a huge rich super italian town.) The freshman girls are mostly sluts, and try to start fights with junior girls while the freshman boys are just, normal. the sophmores are like the worst grade in the history of harrison. well, there are a few exceptions. Most sophmore couples enjoy groping eachother in the hallways. the sophmore boys think they are so cool and hot when in reality they're just a bunch of stupid fatso's going no where. the juniors are dramatic, and a majority are either gay lesbian or bisexual. Bisexuality is now a trend at harrison high by the way. The seniors are by far the coolest people on the planet. The current Harrison track and cross country team, has the coolest people on it. the teachers don't really care where you're going just as long as you get out of their class. the security guards really won't notice if you sneak in people. the parties people throw, suck, because its basically getting totally wasted(and you'd think it'd be fun, but not in harrison). the cafeteria cookies are amazingly good but the rest of the food is shit.
yep thats hhs for ya.
Harrison High students are snobs
by demon November 28, 2004
Rakejob (n): Like a blowjob, but with enthused force with the teeth. Usually very painful. Do it to someone you don't like.
Steve gave Elliott a rake job last night.
by Demon January 30, 2005
sucking dick hard
suckm baby suck
by Demon May 14, 2003
A prostitute with an attitude. acts Mean or charges to much for a blow job.
That bitch-hoe just made me pay $40 to get a handy!!!
by demon July 20, 2004
An extremely powerfull weapon cablable of killing anything in its path. Many people try to use the TMP, but fail misserably.
Only the best hugest nerds that play CS all day long, are able to snipe with the TMP on maps such as de_dust2 and de_inferno

Many times have i been raped by a huge nerd at huge ranged, but this is only possible with a TMP.

The only weapon cabable of beating a huge nerd with a TMP is a huge nerd with duel scoped, duel berreta elites with duel laser sights.
Huge nerd #1 is CT and buys TMP.
Huge nerd #1's team is ecoing and decides to all camp B.
Huge nerd #2 is T and buys Elites.

Huge nerd #1 tries to sniper with the TMP at mid through DD.
Huge nerd #2 Duel Sniper Duel Elites mid from T spawn.

Huge nerd #2 killed Huge nerd #1 with a duel elites
Huge nerd #2 killed SK|Heaton with a duel elites
Huge nerd #2 killed SK|Potti with a duel elites
Huge nerd #2 killed SK|Fisker with a duel elites
Huge nerd #2 killed SK|Element with a duel elites

by Demon February 02, 2005
Something someone on the brink of turning senial would say.
these fuckin kids are driving me nuts! OH DAH JO!
by Demon February 25, 2004
Klackon has often been feared by many computernerds alike. His skills in Unreal Tournament are not to be laughed at (hard). Legend has it he has lost his power and is currently in state of low of no return...we shall see
An Icelander posing as a dane who spends most of his time watching shemale porn.
by Demon November 10, 2004

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