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One of the best counter strike maps according to many 1337's. Hated by many n00bs as they get pwned in the face by a tmp while trying to figure out how to put nightvision on in the tunnel. They then blame h4xx0rs for their n00bin3ss. = UK2 154 See KB:A on there, get 0wn3d!!!!
by 1337 p3t3 November 22, 2004
The one map on t he Counter Strike series that is way overated and overplayed. Mostly over run by pro's hopeing to "0wn 4ll teh n00bs".
"w0wz man I just pwned on DE_Dust2"

"WALL H4XOR! I Fake Jumped mid and you shot at me!!"
by WoF | DejaVu August 09, 2008

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