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to drunk to text. basically telling someone why you cant text them. they wont bug you while you're sh*t faced.
"Hey, so about the other day..." Just simply reply back with "tdtt" and they will understand and text you in the morning.
by emilybertram May 27, 2010
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too drunk to type.

For those special moments when you just can't handle your iphone without losing, breaking, or soiling it.
"im almost home i hope i dont barf in teh cab idk tdtt i'll tell you tomorrow"
by filigreed August 29, 2012
TDTT=Too drunk to text.

When a friend is too drunk to text so they call you instead.

Normally either ends in tears or extreme hillarity.
Last night charlie was TDTT so called me instead. What a douche
by shells_m December 11, 2009

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