Thought Break Time

When you are talking to a friend on the computer and you both run out of things to say. If you say TBT you are excused and dont have to say anything until you think of something interesting to talk about, provided the other person says TBT back.
Gio: Soo..
Magi: Yea... TBT?
Gio: TBT
(20 min later)
Magi: Guess what? I got a new dog :D
Gio: Noway! Thats so cool :P
by Perseus Spartacus August 23, 2011
1.Triple Blunt Tuesday - The second day of the week when three blunts are always necessary in order to recover from monday and survive until you smoke more blunts on wednesday.
"Why are you so fucked up? Its 10 O'Clock on a tuesday!"
"TBT duh.."
"Whats TBT??"
by skippysweet February 03, 2010
An abbreviation for "Trolls be Trolling".
when internet trolls are acting up, or trolling.
Troll "Steve Jobs owns a PC"
Bro "Dude chill, tbt"
by boysitswhatsfordinner May 03, 2011
derived from "Thanks But No Thanks" or "The Booby Trap" - TBT refers to a situation by where a person sends personal items from a past relationship to their ex-mate, these items include undergarments that do not belong to the recipient as it is evident that they are of multiple different sizes - this part is however done unintentionally. The ex-mate upon receipt and wide eyed amazement and realization of where and when the undergarments must have come from exclaims "Thanks, but no thanks!" and the people who found out what happened remark "The Booby Trap gets many a person caught"
"Why's home girl crying? She just had a TBT"
by iamstillinawe March 27, 2009
Tits, Butt, and Thighs..
Heather is a full package, tits, butt and thighs...
by Heather "HappyKap" March 23, 2004
Stands for "The Bell Tree"
Hey where do you go to hang out?

by Facyface June 18, 2009

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