abreviation for "Too Bad Too Sad" a term showing false pity or a distant term used to make the one saying it seem badass in a sad situation
girl #1 did you hear about that 87 year old woman who got hit by a car while crossing the street?

girl #2 what about it?

girl #1 is'nt that horrible!

girl #2 TBTS....
by jolly*rancher ^_^ May 04, 2009
to be true
tbt I didn't write my english essay, my sister did
by fran9897 March 23, 2014
"Turn Back Time"

Referenced from the once great singer/song writer Cher, Carl Lindquist has since popularized the famous saying "turn back time" into a abbreviated power house in the social media world.
If I could TBT, If I could find a way, I'd take back those words that hurt you.

Bitch, I swear to god! If I could TBT I would have slapped your momma!!
by Alexgsp July 03, 2013
thinking bad thoughts
girl 1: the way he looked at me, you could tell he was tbt
by lolser July 26, 2009
Translation: Too Busy Trappin'

Meaning: Being too preoccupied with clandestine activities to be able to give anything unrelated a significant amount of attention
Denfinest - Yo, is you ready to hit dat strip club up?

Jermajesty - Naaa, TBT
by Batdad Merla February 19, 2013
Thought Break Time

When you are talking to a friend on the computer and you both run out of things to say. If you say TBT you are excused and dont have to say anything until you think of something interesting to talk about, provided the other person says TBT back.
Gio: Soo..
Magi: Yea... TBT?
Gio: TBT
(20 min later)
Magi: Guess what? I got a new dog :D
Gio: Noway! Thats so cool :P
by Perseus Spartacus August 23, 2011
Acronym for "Tall-Boy Thursday". The act of drinking a 6-pack of 16oz beer one day before the weekend arrives. Perfect for any day, better on a Thursday.
"Everyone come up after work and get drunk for TBT!"
by Ballz Malone August 27, 2011

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