To lift the skirt of an unattractive female with a very nice body above her head and tie into a knot.
That girl in the skirt is a butter face, better give her a tamale.
by tkdtrev August 31, 2010
The spicy and delicious dong of a sexican.
Ricardo, I'm gonna pour some hot sauce all over that tasty tamale!
by DipTester May 04, 2007
A Mexican woman’s dildo
I love to shove tamales up my little spic ass.
by AmichaelG1 January 09, 2010
"Supervising" bitch who likes to boss people who are her superiors around. Is only nice to people she likes (see C1, Hermie, and Husky). Makes disgusting tamales that no one likes and overcharges for them. Reports people to HR directly instead of discussing her issues with the alleged offender.
Tamale went up to a senior and asked him "When the hell do you think you are going to get these returns ready for processing?" even though it was Hermie's fault they weren't done.
by Ophi April 26, 2005
Another word for 'tomorrow'.
Thanks for your order, that new track stand will be on its way tamale.
by Hypr June 23, 2005

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