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a mass of fecal matter. Poo, usually fairly large in girth.
Dude, i got to drop a masa before we head on out; who knows when we will find the next bathroom.
by sotnas August 09, 2007
A person who is a player.

"Damn you Masa, jennifer den amy den mary jane den courtney den kimmy."

Look at player
by bunnii January 16, 2003
Masha. A girl. A badass girl. Has beautiful brown eyes and long brown hair. She's usually on her own and a lot of girls get jealous.
The name Masa comes from russia and is often replaced by Maria or Marija. It's usually pronounced masha.
She dares to live life dangerously and takes life as it was given. A lot od people don't like her because she will tell everything out loud and stand for what she thinks.
Boys fall in love with her as soon as they see her and meet her personality. She is often quiet and not everyone can see her beauty.
A: have you seen that masa girl?

B: the one with the cute giggles and brown eyes?
A: yes, her.
B: backoff boy, she's mine.
by therealdelal January 04, 2015
Masa : the guy in the group chat that we all love and like to mess with and the sponsor of ShutUpMasa.
Shut up, Masa.
by SkyArcobaleno August 12, 2015
A very hot Japanese rockstar. Is in GacktJOB, Gackt's band. Is the guitarist Gackt dry-humped during the Vanilla Live.
"Did you see Gackt and Masa in that live?"
by new days dawn August 17, 2006
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