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Bankhead is a part of Atlanta, made famous through the raps of several different ATL rappers.
Noun) Bankhead, Atlanta; Person from Bankhead; Bankhead Bounce - a type of dance.
'Dem Bankhead N****s is crazy.
by DuJuan February 25, 2006
Area in the Westside of Atlanta Zone 1. The area surounds Hwy 78 formally known as Bankhead Hwy, west of the Interstate 75 and north of Interstate 20. Area has some of the highest crime rates in Atlanta, including all of Georgia. Known housing projects include Techwood Homes(demolished 1996)and Bowen Homes.
Made popular in by Rap artists TI, D4L, B.H.I. also D4L's song Bankhead
by TrapboiZone4 October 20, 2006
A poverty-stricken neighborhood on the westside of Atlanta, notorious for crime. Represented by rappers such as T.I., Shawty Lo, Andre 3000, Young Dro, Shop Boyz and Dem Franchize Boyz..
Andre 3000: "......writing these old ghetto poems/guess Bankhead is better for 'em"
by A-Town Boi July 11, 2009
A spot in Atlanta, Georgia.
Bankhead is on the West Side of Atlanta by Highway 78. Bankhead is a famous district because of the rappers and hip/hop artists from the area.
Some of the most famous rappers from the area are T.I., Young Dro, and P$C. In T.I.'s song Bankhead (feat P$C, and Dro) he relates his ties to the area and so does Dro.
Dro! Y'all remember me, way back in 83' T.I. stayed up the street from me. Just cause I'm from bankhead nig--'s havin beef with me. Half ain't never seen a G cappin in my beemer V.
by T.I. Fan March 21, 2007
An outhouse found on a northern Utah construction site! They are usually blue in color and about 8 feet tall. They are surrounded by a one mile radius odor alert!
I need to use the bankhead.
by hawaiiboy88 February 04, 2010
An area of the west-side of atlanta's zone 1. Includes the hoods of Bowen Homes,Bankhead courts,the bluff,grove park and baker road. Also made famous by a nigga that aint even from there. T.I made bankhead famous when he should have been making clayton county and cobb county famous. People really from bankhead include Shawty Lo,Fabo,The Dream,Franchize Boyz,Shop Boyz. Bankhead is also home to the Poole Palace(closed),Club Crucial,D4L Records,The Blue Flame and the old bounce. Many of popular dances come from here such as walk it out,poole palace,leanin' and rockin',and snapin.
A my nigga,everybody was on that Bankhead last nite!

Q:Where you from?
A:I from that BANKHEAD shawty the fuck you mean!
Q:What zone you rep?
A:Zone 1 ho
QIf I want to find club crucial where can I find it?
A:Shiit got damn Bankhead
by Zone 1 nigga July 10, 2008
Term used when one is really high/blown. Bankhead refers to their personal ‘cloud 9’ or fictitious land they go to when extremely high. When in bankhead or going to bankhead, the results are extreme.
Jonny: Hey man, I got this bud today and it's got red hairs and everything in it.
Omar: O hell yea I'm smoking, this shit looks raw forreal.
Jonny: Oh yea, It's gonna take us to bankhead.

Ann: *calls Phoebe* Hey whats up!
Phoebe: Yo....*low tone*
Ann: what's wrong with you? Are you high? Did you smoke that dro Brodi sold to you earlier?
Phoebe: Yea...I'm in bankhead right now...
by Newport Boo 813 May 05, 2008
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