Oxford derogatory slang for students at cambridge.

Comes from 'cantabrigian,' the postscript on a cambridge degree.
useless bloody tabs, can't live with 'em, cant live without 'em
by col. March 04, 2005
Shitty soft drink that tastes like Sweet-and-Low. Used to display label "May cause cancer."
I drank Tab before I went to bed last night, and now i have a too-mah.
by MoonKnight November 13, 2002
Cola flavoured soft drink, orderable by keyboard
"I used the key, where's my TAB?"
by dislexus October 16, 2001
True Ass Bitch(s) or Thristy Ass Bitch (s) or Terrible Ass Bitch(s) or Trippin Ass Bitch(s) or Tellin Ass Bitch(s) or Twisted Ass Bitch(s)
Someone who's real or doesn't know when to stop (T.A.B.S)
by Vivir Alambre March 01, 2014
Word commonly used in Nottingham to discribe ears.
"My tabs are cold!"

"That sweet made my tabs laugh!" (Referring to a sour/fizzy sweet)
by BeccaG October 17, 2013
Trifling Ass Bitches; women who are incompetent and stupid. Talk a lot and say very little and waste time in general with their simple minded comments and general lack of intellect. All women have some TAB in them even if it comes out infrequently.
Woman: "Oh my god thank you for stopping to help me, I'm on my way to buy tampons from the store and my car just died in the middle of the street for no reason and I don't know what to do and..."

Man: "You forgot to put gas in your car... fucking TABs should stop wasting my time."
by wim enzes May 16, 2011
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