Word commonly used in Nottingham to discribe ears.
"My tabs are cold!"

"That sweet made my tabs laugh!" (Referring to a sour/fizzy sweet)
by BeccaG October 17, 2013
The act of "Alt-Tabbing" out of whatever program you are in on your computer and going to go get high. Most commonly used among teenage gamers.
Bill, lets tab real quick.
by Kirig November 09, 2012
A northern england naming for "ears"
Child A : You smell
Child B : Say that again and i'll bash ya tab's in!
by dingoeatbaby October 04, 2011
abbreviation standing for totally acceptable boner
"Man, when my teacher bent over to help me with my homework I got a huge erection."

"She's got great tits. Definitely a TAB."
by jellybean4 May 16, 2009
Tacky Ass Bitch
You ugly ass,you're the ceo of T.A.Bs!
by Davion Williams January 10, 2009
tab tab- noun, verb, tabbed, tab-bing

1. text - a - bitch. The act of sending a text message to a girl with the intention of pursuing a sexual relationship.
" I was going to call that girl I met at the bar last night, but I tabbed her instead. "
by Ike Zinnerman April 18, 2008
short version of the colloquial phrase "trick ass bitch"
That tab just stole my crack money!
by Mekerkat August 27, 2007

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