Sexual position;
The act of having sex with a person of small stature (ie. midget)

Titled such because of the length of the person's arms, and the flopping motion during intercourse.
Last night I went to the circus and ended up t-rexing some guy named Zonko.
by Rough Rose April 25, 2011
The worst sex one can give/receive.
Bill: You gonna fuck this bitch?
Jeremy: Na man, if I get it in with'll be trex no doubt
Bill: True dat, nobody wants trex.
by Travisthetrexboywonder March 19, 2013
Describes a girl who is not fat but has a large body. She is big boned or stocky. She generally is taller than the average girl and is fairly strong/well built and manly.

This is a derogatory name often used by guys to describe a big boned girl no one knows the name of.
-Who's that new girl everyone's talking about?
-Uhh, I dunno.
-I heard she's fat or something.
-Oh yeah I know who you're talking about. But she isn't fat, she's just a T-rex.

-Dude check out that chick over there!
-Yeah I see her... She's too tall for my type. And she's kinda big and manly.
-Yeah, you're right, she's a T-rex.
by Crawfisch December 15, 2010
T-Rex is an adjective. One whose arms are in far greater demeanor than the body. A disproportionate person in the long run. One who walks funny and is very long.
Have you seen that kid AJ! He looks like a freaking T-Rex!
by DontWorryAbout It May 05, 2008
When you are fucking a girl from behind and feel a sudden urge to eat. You bring your elbows to your abdomen and swing your arms like a t-rex. At the same time you lean over and bite your bitch on the neck. Since your arms are essentially useless, you now must keep her down by clamping harder and pushing with your neck. This sex position is similar to a T-rex when feeding.
I don't know what happened the PCP hit me, and I just t-rexed the bitch.
Damn bro, what happened last night, I walked in on you t-rexing some bitch and growling.
by UNSCD Gunner April 11, 2011
Male counterpart to the female cougar. An older man having a midlife crisis and likes to prey on younger women.Likes to hang out at all the same spots that college kids do.Easily identified by a look of success, a flashy car, and wealth. Named for predatory nature and small brain size of an actual t-rex.
Young girl1: "Oh look over there at that old guy sitting alone at the bar."

Young girl2: "He's alone and wearing a designer suit, he must be a t-rex. I'm going over to say hi."
by chanchan88 February 07, 2009
verb, to turn around exageratedly in some sort of obnoxious disgust.

Example:In the movie theater, when the person in front of you does the most obvious and exagerated turning around to then just sit and glare or say some stupid remark like "Excuse me, could you keep it down" all full of attitude and whatnot.
Oh no she didn't! I know I was muttering silly comments but she t-rexed me!
by EmJem390 April 16, 2008

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