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A condition that is caused by heavily drinking alcohol.

-Your arms curl up as your fingers point outwards as if you were a retarded T-Rex dinosaur.
- Staring off into oblivion
- unable to speak a clear modern language

This condition was made famous by a man named Pat Brister from the small mountain town of Granite Falls, Washington.
"Pat has had too much to drink tonight, he's already T-Rexing!"
by Danathan Burton October 13, 2008
When you get so drunk that you become retarded and you tuck you elbows into your side and still try to use you hands, but they are short and useless, just like a T-Rex. This state of drunkeness my also be accompanied by slurred yelling that sounds like a roar. Getting this drunk usually involves blacking out and falling down.
Keven got so drunk last night he started T-Rexing.
by FreqHopMaster March 11, 2009
Laying in bed sunday morning with your computer on your stomach while short arming the key board watching your fantasy football updates
I was t-rexing all sunday morning and never got out of bed.
by The Cuban Missle Crisis September 19, 2010
The art of abruptly discontinuing contact with and ignoring all forms of communication and advances by an over zealous male persuer. It's origins come from the feature film Jurassic Park (c. 1993); "Don't move. He can't see you if you don't move."
I went out with Nick a couple times, but now I'm T-Rexing cause he's kind of a loser.
by Raptoress December 07, 2009
When your standing around with either one or both elbows tucked into your side, arms straight, wrist and fingers curled down to the floor.
Lily was standing in the kitchen talking to her mother, unaware that she was T-Rexing with both arms.
by PNPBOI December 10, 2015
When you get really intoxicated and you start stumbling around resembling a t-rex.
Wayne was so drunk last night in Buffalo, he was t-rexing all over the hotel room.
by t-rexy March 14, 2014
Texting with hands tucked close to chin/on chest giving the appearance of a t-rex with short arms.
"Lewis stop t-rexing it's getting embarrassing."
by lewdinolo June 03, 2013
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