A person who is so cheap that they appear to have tiny little arms like a t rex dinosaur. Their arms are too short to reach their pockets and wallet or purse. More often a girl is a t rex or t-rexer. She will never reach down to her purse to offer to pay for anything.
Yo dawg that chick is such a t rex. Every time we go out she never offers to pay for anything.
by t-rex hater January 25, 2013
A glam rock band from England. Formed in 1967 broke apart in 1977 when the lead singer Marc Bolan died.
Me: T-Rex is a cool band!
Other Person: I thought you meant the dinosaur
by Baws JCW July 19, 2009
a condition in which a persons arms are shorter than the average reaching well above mid thigh usually seen with taller people (people over 6ft). Also a condition in which someone who is larger has arms that are smaller and not in proportion
if the tip of your middle finger reaches well above you mid thigh you may have t-rex arms
by jannona July 16, 2009
An ex (boyfriend/girlfriend) who has since come into being trangender.
"Steve is my trex. She now goes by Stephanie."
by ParGar November 19, 2013
To deliver a set of three mushroom tattoos, thus resembling a dinosaur footprint (like you made with your rubber boots in the snow when you were a child).
She smiled up at me and I couldn't resist... so I gave her the ole' T-rex.
by Ryan-michael Lindsay October 10, 2004
The act of wasting someone where their arms tense up to the point where they become incapacitated and wave around aimlessly like that of a T Rex (Dinosaur)
I watched game of thrones last night and this blonde girl was just getting t rexed by a big dude
by nocabiwik July 03, 2013
When you're sitting on your girlfriends face for a blow job and you have her arms pinned down with your legs, and yell at her to use her hands. The attempt she gives is considered a T-Rex.
I T-Rex'd my boyfriend last night. It was glorious.
by Yubin Yankinov February 02, 2013

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