The movement of which the person (or persons) lunge foreward shouting HURRRRRRRRRMMMM with elbows tucked in and hands in the clawed position
<T-Rex lunges foreward> HURRRRRRRRMMMMM
by Suspicious Cabbage July 02, 2012
When someone has the upper body strength of a t rex. They have no ability to lift an object due to their useless arms.
I couldnt ask Tommy to change my tire, because he is a t rex!
by kellythebarber September 18, 2011
When you have sex with a girl and break her arms.

Goes well with donkey punches.
I t-rexed her and then donkey punched her. It was a good night
by Broookattt April 25, 2011
While someone you know is incapacitated either drunk or just heavily sleeping take rubber cement and apply it to the entire front section of a bare chest and bring the arms up to the chest, hold firmly until the rubber cement dries.

When the unsuspecting victim awakes they will find themslves doing the T-Rex and just as pissed.
John was so drunk last night we T-Rex'd him to get a laugh, you shold have seen his hands flailing around when he woke up, he had no idea what had just happened.
by IETVTS2 October 28, 2010
A rare species of dinosaur that lurks flamboyantly on piano benches.
"After I played we had a truly trex moment in which he held my hand for 45 seconds and I looked into his beedy black eyes and felt all the emotion flow from me"
When a guy is sitting in class and gets an unexpected/unreasoned boner. After class is through, they need to stick out thier ass while walking in order to hide it. The apperiance is similar to that of a prehistoric Tyrannosaurus rex.
Matt: Did you see that Zach kid T-Rexing out of class!?
Keith: Yea man it was so obvious.
by Plug1990 April 18, 2011
The act of a girl taking it in the ass and while she's riding she's making obnoxious dinosaur noises while making her arms look like a trex
Jeff and Leah were trying the T-Rex one night and all I could hear was loud raptor like noises
by Darnelloo June 06, 2016
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