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1. A weirdo who is creepin' (made popular from "The Creep" by Lonely Island)
Geez, that guy was totally t-rexin'!!

Yeah, what a T-Rexer!!
by divinedork April 21, 2011
The act of masturbation using the hand with all fingers pointed down, mimicking a T-Rex claw
Dude, you see that new Maxium? I was T-Rexin myself to that shit all night
by Ballsface778 July 02, 2010
When someone gets so drunk they are beyond blacked out, and are so drunk that it is a state of mind, causing said person to hold their arms in a perched position like a T-Rex.
There has been some serious t-rexin the past few nights of partying.
by light weight babaaayyyy!!! May 28, 2009
Bobbing up and down on the dance floor with your arms scrunched up to your sides mimicking a Tyrannosaurus Rex. The most fool proof dance move to grab the opposite sexes attention apart from the robot. If you add a growl to this dance move it will ensure you a phone number 60% of the time every time.
Friend: Wow, he's fine. How did you get that guy to ask you out?
Me: Totally started T-Rexin to Dubstep at the club last weekend
Friend: GTFO, I'm switchin up my robot moves
by NattyPatty0429 July 18, 2013

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