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When one is wearing a thong/g-string, they sit down, it sticks out, and you see a T-Bar
"Johnny, Johnny! look over there! IT'S A T-BAR!"
by Jennifer April 09, 2004
Sex toy gay men use in BDSM specifically for rough sex (fisting).
Newman was tied to the tbar last night - he wont be able to shit right for a week.
by reverend horton heet September 06, 2009
A nickname given to the Australian city of Toowoomba by it's inhabitants.

Usually used by teenagers who put the name on their myspaces to hide the shame of writing that they come from the city of Toowoomba, soon to become the only city in Australia to drink their own sewerage water.
Sarah says:ASL?
Lee says:17 male T-Bar.
Sarah says:T-Bar?
Lee says:Toowoomba......
Sarah says: HAHA-POOwoomba! *leaves conversation*
by exfriendstotheend December 14, 2007
A troll. Very annoying and abnoxious at times. Tries to get nit picky at details that are beyond the point.
person: Drinking a glass of wine every day helps reduce heart problems.

by gs-person2 October 27, 2008
Slang for "Time-Out." To signal this, a person will put his/her left arm in a horizontal position and place his/her right arm perpendicular at the forearm of the left to create a "T."
When your professor is talking so fast that you can't keep up with your note taking, make the T-bar sign and say, "T-bar Professor. Can you repeat that?"
by dovelydo November 09, 2011
G string worn back to front
Australian TV cult show Kath and Kim, T-Bar is descibed and shown worn by Kim
by Gazz52 January 11, 2006
a frontal wedgy on a chick, or wearing a G-straing the wrong way around, it also relates to people wearing crotchless gym-wear
hot- pink lycra dance wear with revealing bike shorts on
by topher November 04, 2004
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