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The act of passing on an std twice in one night
i caused some serious collateral damage at the bar last night
by the friendly farmer November 26, 2010
withdrawing your penis to quick from an anus so that it causes a sudden expulsion of anal fluids
i need to go to the drycleaner she had a bad anal blowout last night
by the friendly farmer November 26, 2010
when your older sibling gives you a hand job much like a hand me down
thank god kelly was around to give me a hand me job that family vacation was boring
by the friendly farmer February 09, 2011
The act of using a girls pigtails to thrust her tonsils on your penis.
Bro I was totally T Barring that chick
by the friendly farmer November 26, 2010
fertilizing your plants with dead children
ya my yard looks great because of all that kinder gardening i did
by the friendly farmer November 26, 2010
when a girl gives a really noisy blowjob
my parents thought i was baby sitting but i was really getting a cippy cup

dude dont go to her parents house she sounds like a cippy cup
by the friendly farmer November 26, 2010
A planed operation where someone sleeps with someone who is obsessing over their friend to stop the obsessive thoughts. While they are at it take back any belonging of their friends from the obessor.
History teacher; Operation Paquin was the single most brave act by a human being in recorded history we honor this moment by using its namesake in all similar situations. It occurred when amanda the Troll attacked John the red's village constantly and stole his unbreakable armor of acacia. John the red then employed his comrade Alex the brave to end Amanda the Troll's reign of terror and steal back his unbreakable armor of acacia. Alex the brave crept into Amanda the Trolls cave and defeated her with his Penis of a thousand pregnancy's. He then returned John the Red's armor.
by the friendly farmer August 15, 2011

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