Next target for that Wankstain Bush, unless that is you yanks wake up and oust the inbred motherfucker in the 2004 election. That really would change my opinion of yanks, so much so that i'd probably start calling you Americans.
Bush: Syria must co-operate with the United States and is not allowed WMD's.

Rest of World: Fuck off Bushtard!!
by Bush = Scrotum features May 01, 2003
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A magnificently beautiful land in the middle east comprising everything from lush green mountain ranges and coastlines to barren deserts - also rich in culture, with a history that stretches back several thousand years.

Unfortunately currently afflicted with some major economic and political harships due both to external and internal factors.
Wow, Syria's amazing, just a shame about the situation its in
by Col. April 17, 2004
A beautiful country to visit and perhaps, live in. Full of rich Arabian culture, Syria is becoming an internationally-famous country.
Dude: Yo man, you look happy today.
Dude who's been to Syria: Yo guy, I just came back from Syria. Man, that place is the shit!
Dude: Yo man, I gtg there
by HPLando March 22, 2004
Syria is the most beautiful place on earth , distinguished by good, simple, generous, and honest people

it's the only place on earth where you can sleep and leave your door's opened

If you want to have some peace of mind , come live in syria ..

Finaly i have to say :plz Don't judge syria people according to his regime or government.
dude : Have you ever visit Syria ?
dude : No !
dude : You must do it.
by Mouhannad December 19, 2006
Syria is a country where the same president is elected over and over with 99.99% of votes despite the fact that over 70% of the population hate him.
husband: our activities are monitored 24/7 by our neighbor.
Wife: sure, we are living in the way don't forget to keep the portrait of the president hanged in the living room.
by anonimouz1 May 27, 2011
A secular Arab country on the eastern Mediaterranean with a large Christian minority who live peacefully with their Muslim neighbours, occasionally maligned by ignorant Americans because they are brainwashed by their government, which doesn't like the foreign policies of Syria's (admittedly quite repressive) Soviet-style government.

It certainly does have bars (usually located in hotels and hostels), and in any event alcoholic drinks (including American Whiskey and high-quality Syrian arak) can be bought quite openly and legally in the shops (unlike in the US ally Saudi Arabia, where such things are so illegal you don't want to know).

Women can also be seen wearing swimsuits there (again, unlike Saudi Arabia, and usually in popular mixed-sex swimming pools), and dumbasses called Jonas will almost certainly not see their girlfriends raped there, or be treated cruelly because they are not Muslim for that matter - at least not unless they go around being rude and offensive to everyone else they see.

Admittedly, it is not as vulgar or in-your-face as Beirut, but some people might think this is a good thing.
"Hey Mum, how come our old neighbour Noor in Syria used to get nervous, whenever his wife saw him drinking arak at our house?"

"Well, Simon, he is from a Muslim background, and his wife is not as secular-minded as he is."
by halaby January 14, 2010
Home to the "Syrian Uprising" between the Syrian Army- under rule of President Bashar al-Assad, and the National Coalition for Syrian Revolutionary and Opposition Forces. The war has claimed 100,000+ lives in the 2 and a half years since its start. France, Britain, the U.S.A and various other Sunni countries are backing the rebels, while Russia has trained Syrian Army soldiers while claiming they support neither side. Chemical weapons have been largely involved, despite the fact France, Britain and the U.S had warned against the use of them. August 21st 2013, it was claimed that the Syrian Army used chemical weapons against civilians in attacks near Damascus. There were multiple reports, ranging from 500~ to nearly 1,500. There in ongoing controversy aimed at President Barack Obama, as he warned against chemical weaponry, but didn't respond to it decisively, and chose to seek Congressional approval for military attacks on Syria by way of warships in the Mediterranean.

Syria isn't the "paradise" it was almost a decade ago.
Syria is fucked up right now.
by NecromanciCat September 02, 2013
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