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Assad is a male human being is completely obsessed with Apple related products, the only drink that he will drink is Mango juice
Person 1: Dude, you seen the new iPad 2
Person 2: The what?
Person 1: The iPad 2, you've never heard of it before?
Person 2: Haven't they just released the original iPad?
Person 1: Yeah, but they wanna make money
Person 2: Fair shout, you know anyone who is gonna get one?
Person 1: Yeah, Assad said he's gonna wait outside the nearest Apple store until it opens just to get one
Person 2: Sweet! I love Assad, what a dude
Person 1: He's so obsessed with Apple, he's got a Mac, an iPhone, iPod and the original iPad
by Percy297 March 07, 2011
An Asad with a big, curvaceous ass, hence the extra 's' in the spelling of the name. Usually, all of his limbs are wide and big. The penis of this particular Asad is also quite wide, but of average length. A favorite of gay black men.
Friend 1: Yo, look who just walked in bra, Asad!!
Friend 2: Did you say Assad or Asad?
Friend 1: My bad, I meant Assssad. Check out the booty on him. The gays must be jizzing in their pants.
Friend 2: Delicious! Mouth-watering, boner-popping delicious!!!
by Master 4P November 01, 2010
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