Alternative word for Sexy.

Used to describe someone who is sex in itself, nothing else. They are hot, and they just scream sex to everyone who see's them, male or female.

A sxc person can often drive others into insanity over them.
Person 1: Damn that bitch is hot shit!
Person 2: That's pure sex right there
Person 1: She's my sxc bitch now.
Person 2: NO WAY! She's mine! I won't let you!
Person 1: I'm so putting my keys in her car..
Person 2: That's it, I challenge you to a duel!
Person 1: At dawn. Bring it.
by Techn1x January 03, 2009
Top Definition
a retarded fucking way to say sexy, which is already a fucked up and outdated way to compliment a girl anyway
internet predator: hey i see your sxc picture, a/s/l
by bill hinrichsen May 01, 2005
Softcore - used similarly to hXc
"You ain't hXc, you sXc!"
by Boners May 01, 2005
Acronym meaning Sucking extreme Cock. Similar to deep throating although acronym is more commonly used in the homosexual community. SXC often involves an older man having his erect penis deep throated by a younger man. The one performing SXC is often referred to as a joker, believed to be a reference to the late Heath Ledger who is famous for his roles as the Joker in the film The Dark Knight and as a homosexual in the film Brokeback Mountain.
1. "Think that little joker over there likes to give SxC?" 2. "Some joker I met at the bar gagged on my throbbing cock when he SxC'd my dick dry!" 3. "I just gave a man a blow job behind the dumpster in the alley -- I love being an SxC joker!"
by b4d_touch January 12, 2014
See also: softcore.
Fall Out Boy is for lovers, Chicago sXc.
by Jennie May 01, 2005
a crew which stands for Super X-tremely Cute crew. The most cutest crew you ever known to mexicans/beaners in Waukegan,IL. Containing the most smartest, shortest, lazyest, goffyest, fastest, playing fifa type, soccer players in Waukegan.
Guy number 1; That crew is kinda cute, dont you think??

Me; No, they arent S.x.C
by Nokia 3000 August 23, 2009
Straightcore, in contrast to Hardcore and straght edge. Means you make out or possibly drink a little at parties but dont fuck or get wasted.
7th grade kid: Wow! I was so HxC at that party last night!

Drunk 10th grader: No way! You kissed 1 ugly chick, thats barely even SxC

7th grade kid: *Cries*
by HxE December 13, 2009
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