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a retarded fucking way to say sexy, which is already a fucked up and outdated way to compliment a girl anyway
internet predator: hey i see your sxc picture, a/s/l
by bill hinrichsen May 01, 2005
a really super cool cd that all children under the age of 2 months should buy
kids bop would sell more if all of their consumers were able to pronounce words and ask for that piece of shit for christmas
by bill hinrichsen April 30, 2005
a guy who cant rap and got famous simply on a few good beats
that damn mike jones is so retarded he has to say things seven times in a row
by bill hinrichsen May 01, 2005
the very highest in the three stages of being high ( easy bake, microwave, and dutched out )
dude we shouldnt have smoked that last bong, now im way to dutched out to go to work
by bill hinrichsen May 01, 2005
moderately high

in beetween the stages of easy baked and dutched out
thanks for catchin me a buzz man, im not fuckin ripped, but at least im pretty microwaved
by bill hinrichsen May 01, 2005
a term used in the case when your friend gets drunk off his ass and pisses in a completely public or in appropriate location
last week froelich got so damn drunk that he stood up and pissed on the carpet near his tv
by bill hinrichsen April 30, 2005
a way to describe a previous marijuana usage where the smoker was forced to smoke a miniscule amount of bud
i wanted to get all dutched out before school but bob's broke ass only had enough to easy bake
by bill hinrichsen May 01, 2005
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