Top Definition
Stands for My Crotch Itches
"Man, I just shaved and MCI."
by AvengedBaby March 05, 2005
Mad incompitent clowns
MCI has screwed up my circuit again!
by chsteak33 July 20, 2003
MCI stands for Meme Comic Indonesia, a cancerous community where good memes are killed by 12 y.o kids. They also stole other people's meme
Person 1: Hey, look at my new meme! I'm gonna post it on my facebook

Person 2: That's a good meme, dude! But careful. MCI may steal your meme and claim it as their own meme

Hours later...

Person 1: Goddamit! I saw my meme being posted by MCI on their fanspage! They didn't even add my credits!

Person 2: Too bad, mate... There's no way they will listen to your complain
by sklsll June 29, 2015

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