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In comparison to Mile High Club, this is just the same except doing it solo. In other words, masturbating on a plane.

Also known as Half Mile High Club
Jono: "Argh! This 55 minute flight is lasting forever! Guess I'll go join the Solo Mile High Club."
by Techn1x December 28, 2008
It keeps your internet working.

Power goes, your internet goes, your mind explodes.
Thank god for power, it supplies me with my porn.

I <3 power
by Techn1x January 04, 2009
Someone who is normally smart, but lacks general common sense.

Can also be used to describe a 'cmart moment.'

Pronounced: "see-mart"

Originated from a typo; a person (who shall remain nameless) was trying to prove they were 'smart', over MSN, but then mispelled the word in trying to prove their case.

"Wow, he got full marks for the first page of that test paper! ..Guess it would have helped if he knew to turn the page over for the rest of the test."

"Yep well, that's being cmart for you.."
by Techn1x August 17, 2008
Alternative word for Sexy.

Used to describe someone who is sex in itself, nothing else. They are hot, and they just scream sex to everyone who see's them, male or female.

A sxc person can often drive others into insanity over them.
Person 1: Damn that bitch is hot shit!
Person 2: That's pure sex right there
Person 1: She's my sxc bitch now.
Person 2: NO WAY! She's mine! I won't let you!
Person 1: I'm so putting my keys in her car..
Person 2: That's it, I challenge you to a duel!
Person 1: At dawn. Bring it.
by Techn1x January 03, 2009

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