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Basically, a man who fucks alot of hot women. He is not quite a player, nor a pimp. He isn't a heartthrob either. He just fucks hot women and exists.
Father: did you hear that Brad Penny fucked both eliza dushku and alyssa milano?
Son: Wow, what a swordsman!
by t7j939 June 17, 2009
A man, gay or hetero, who's great at sex or enjoys sex
My fiance is quite the swordsman!
by Sparki October 05, 2003
Two erect guys who use their erect cocks like sword thrusting and parrying blows from the cocks. Sometimes enhanced by the wearing of penis sounds for the sound of metal on metal or flesh...
Julian and Sandy enjoyed a mutual wank and then a sparring session; like the true swordsmen they were.

Emma watched the gay vid of two swordsmen sparring as she teased her clitty.

Alan and I are swordsmen after a day at the nude beach.
by Townsman December 30, 2014
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