hard, feelin good. etc.
damn gurl, u put a nigga dick on swoll!
by KaaaRis May 29, 2008
equevelent to piss, or pissed off
yo, if u dont quit, i'll get swoll on your face!
by r.e.l. September 21, 2006
Lazy, fat, or gluttonous. Often used jokingly.
"You mean you just ate 3 whole Chipotle burritos at one time? That's swoll, man!"

"I watched all of Princess Bride because I was too swoll to get up and get the remote."
by kennyg26p2 March 31, 2008
When you get really pissed off
Dog you best not be tripin' cause I'm gettin' swoll.
by Playa Play April 30, 2003
2 Definitions 1: A SEXUAL term (I.E):"My cock is SWOLL". 2: Street slang with various meanings.Too many to list!
1: My cock is SWOLL. 2.I'm SWOLL (buff).
by j perez May 17, 2003
Means a large person, aka fatbody.
Holy shit, look at that swoll! She must of just ate 20 twinkies.
by bob dole December 10, 2003
a new jersay slang word used by southern jersians with little vocabulary skills
u swoll?
by 36 January 23, 2003

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