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A response to someone who says something that indicates that they are lacking in self esteem.
Girl 1. I feel like he doesn't like me anymore! What'd I do wrong?
Girl 2. He still likes you. Get some balls.


Girl 1. He said I'm cute. Aww, I don't feel cute.
Girl 2. Get some balls.

Girl. You are funny when you talk.
Boy. No. I'm retarded.
Girl. Get some balls.
by tooswoleforyou666 August 03, 2011
As if to say "That's how life rolls." It's also a good response for when somebody says something you don't know HOW to respond to. It's also just a cute thing to say.
Girl. Classic vegetable is better than chicken noodle.
Boy. No it's not.
Girl. How?
Boy. That's the way the cookie crumbles!


Boy. Your eyes are beautiful.
Girl. Uhm...that's the way the cookie crumbles!


Boy. You're so weird lawlz.
Girl. That's the way the cookie crumbles.
by tooswoleforyou666 August 03, 2011
Instead of trolling someone's facebook page, this is the act of swolling it. To spam a friend(s) page with multiple phrases like "got swole? too swole. too much swole" repeatedly.
Friend 1. "Bro I was up swolling your page last night"

Friend 2. "I know. I got like 17 notifications."
by tooswoleforyou666 July 30, 2011
When somebody is stutterin' they have just said something

a. Mean
b. Jealous
c. Angry

Girl. I can't run this goddamn mile! It hurts my lungs!
Boy. Fatty.
Girl. Uh, don't be stutterin!

Girl. I don't really like you because...well, I don't really like HYPER people.
Girl 2. You can't handle this. Don't be stutterin.


Boy. I hate my brother.
Girl. Boy, don't be stutterin. He's four.
by tooswoleforyou666 August 12, 2011
Cute way of saying "I'm jealous."
Girl. My summer work? I've done all of it.
Girl 2. Awww...I'm PB and Jealous right now!

Girl. My boo bear got me flowers for Valentines day.
Girl 2. Ya'll are ALMOST too cute...I'm PB and Jealous.
by tooswoleforyou666 August 12, 2011

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