when a women has sweat on her tits.
wow I have been working hard I have swits.
by krissy613 September 14, 2007
a verbal hybrid...referring to a female with sweaty tits.
Man...after all that sex she had some killer swits going on.
by Tanner July 30, 2003
To defecate post exercise with sweaty arse cheeks.

A portmanteau word combining sweating with shitting
"I'm afraid I'm going to have to stop running this marathon for a second as I need to go take what I am sure is going to be massive swit" - Paula Radcliffe
by Captainstatic November 06, 2012
I would b swell except 4 all this shit going on so therefore i am no longer swell but instead swit
Alfred : hey =) fred & Freddy , how r u ?
Fred : Hi i m swit how bout u ?
Alfred : Swell
Freddy : Shit

noun. A contraction of the words sweat and tit. A non gender-specific term used to describe the sweat found in the cleavage area, or on the underside of hanging tits.

Related to swut, swunt, swall and swass.
Oh sure, she might have been hot, but that tight shirt showed off her swit from ten feet away.
by squidboy57 September 24, 2003
Sweaty Tit or Sweaty Clit
Josh has a sweaty swit!
by ubernoobmaster January 11, 2007
A contraction of "sweet" and "shit".
After I saw that ad, I thought that it was swit!

... I don't know... make up your own example if you don't like that one.

by Swit February 11, 2006

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