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A combination of possibly and probably.

If an event is both possible and probable, save yourself some time and admit that its prossible.

"Can and will likely happen".
Wanna go for coffee?

Busy now, but later I'll prossibly ant to go.
by Tanner August 31, 2004
Someone who actively decides to do less than their best because either they don't care or they feel the task doesn't deserve the time it would take to do a good job.
"Joe, are you going to put much time into your progress report?"

"Naw, I'm gonna half-ass it, cause nobody will EVER read it anyways".

"Joe, you're such a half-asser".
by Tanner August 31, 2004
Noun-a greedy poker player that sometimes steals your lunch.

Adj-an object that grows under ice and your feet.

Verb-to grow in a field full of mice.
1. Hold onto your lunch folks that nostril is a quick one!

2. I've got nostrils growing all over the place! HELLLLLLLP!

3. Ucle Joe's mice just nostriled.
by tanner April 20, 2005
a hairy like human craetur example big foot
big foot
by tanner December 02, 2003
I made this word up while in a stupid seizure, it's meaning has no boundaries, and it knows no limit. Also sharb, berdie, shar, sharb or die
"Sharberdie." Could mean anything.
by Tanner November 28, 2003
Something that is not geniune, an imposter, of poor quality, sham, a half-asser.
I am a wubbage vegetarian. I eat lots of vegatables, but I also still eat fish, eggs, and milk. I tell myself that I could give up those things too, but I choose not too.
by Tanner August 31, 2004
a verbal hybrid...referring to a female with sweaty tits.
Man...after all that sex she had some killer swits going on.
by Tanner July 30, 2003

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