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To pull a pig's hair tauntly across its own ass, proceding to then pluck the hair with your teeth. Thus making outstanding backwoods music!
My friend James played the Swinette like a mad man last night, while Ron and Roy danced around the fire all night.
by Bill P. August 29, 2006
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A fictional musical instrument made by stretching two hairs across a pig's ass.
Usually used to piss off someone who is bothering you:
"Why don't you go play a swinette?"
"What's a swinette?"
"Two hairs stretched across a pig's ass, shithead!"
by Rob November 30, 2003
a musical instrument - 3 hairs stretched across a pigs ass, which is plucked with the teeth.

Usually used when someone is asking too many questions and being really annoying
"Why dont you go somewhere and play your swinette"

which almost always leads to:

"Whats a Swinette"

"Its 3 hairs stretched across a pigs ass, and you pluck it with your teeth".

In other words....go away......
by Fish2062 September 11, 2010
An insult:
To stick a long peice of straw up a pigs arse and blow really hard (like playing the bagpipes)
hey billie why dont you go play the swinette at the county fair
by jgcd September 20, 2006

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