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3 definitions by jgcd

1 a cute little fuzzy mammal

2 a delicacy in stews

3 a scarastic falsefied game
1 Awwww, did you see that rabbit?
did you scrape that dead rabbit off your grill?

2 hey ma that rabbit was good in that stew lastnight.

3 you wanna play rabbit? i shit and you grab it
by jgcd September 20, 2006
another way of putting fucking shit in a nicer way
bob:holy fucking shit thats one big moose you got there!
jackie: now honey what have i said about swearing around the kids. use flirkin' shnit instead dear.
by jgcd October 20, 2006
An insult:
To stick a long peice of straw up a pigs arse and blow really hard (like playing the bagpipes)
hey billie why dont you go play the swinette at the county fair
by jgcd September 20, 2006