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A dump of a town in the English county of Wiltshire founded by the Great Weston Railway in 1830. renowned for it's lack of good coffee, good football or good anything.
Swindon is as Swindon does.
by black flag June 02, 2004
The only place in the world you can buy cocaine off of a 5 year old.
TV Narrator: "Hey, have you ever wanted to buy class-A drugs from a minor? Then come to SWINDON! Where mothers day is universally celebrated, and fathers day confuses everybody."
by Rhaegar_Uncle_of_Dragons July 19, 2014
Swindon, a dump in the middle of Wiltshire, England. A big town with a small village attitude.. Native population are mainly made up of knuckle draggers and bumpkins.
Apparently the name comes from the original old english for 'Swine Town' which says it all really....
'Lets go to Swindon!, wait!, no, its shite-hole...'
by Evil-Ernie May 29, 2003
Hypothetical noun. A place in the mind of a drunkard where they have gone to when severely inebriated. It is usually used by the inebriated individual to describe his drunken state or by another to describe an inebriated individual.
1. Less drunk friend: "Alright mate, how ya feeling?"
Very drunk friend: "Ah mate, I'm well passed Swindon."

2. Person 1 to Person 2: "Have you seen Person 3? He's off his Swindon."
by Swindonlad December 06, 2010
A small inferior town in Wiltshire, England.

Known for its 'townies' and inbreeding, so Father's Day is always one of the most confusing things ever to happen in their town. Full of roundabouts, railways and burnt out cars. Really is a nasty place to live.

Swindon Town FC had one season in the Premiership and conceded the most goals ever in one season in that top flight. Silly inbreds.
Whats the definition of mass confusion?
Faths Day in Swindon
by Oxford lad April 25, 2004
A state of disrepair, not functioning properly.
My legs are in Swindon due to this landmine!
by Jon May 20, 2003
A little Industrial town near Bath, darlin'
'Ello you three, im from Swindon, a little industrial town near Bath, which doesn't even have a Cathedral. Fair dues!
by p February 13, 2004