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miffy's incorrect version of "flip off" which is to stick someone's middle finger at someone to tell them "fuck you".
miffy flicked off dang and he just laughed at her because she looked dumb.
by roo January 24, 2004
A guy who is easily manipulated by his woman.
Dave's girlfreind bitched at him until he bought the new Maroon 5 CD, dressed in his new jeans and went to Haagen-Dazs with her so she could feel better.
by roo April 09, 2005
Sexpat (noun), an compound of sex and expat or expatriate.

A sexpat is one who participates in tourism with the express intention of having sex.

There may be a variety of reasons for this, such as:
less restrictive laws in foreign countries;
anonymity or privacy;
a preference for people of other ethnic groups;
financial reasons i.e. if one travels from a wealthy country to a poorer one.

However, by far and away the single greatest reason for the existence of the sexpat phenomenon is that sexpats find securing carnal relations with someone in their own country difficult to impossible to achieve.
Andy: I'm becoming fed up of Phuket.
Shane: Why?
Andy: It's because of all the nasty old ***man sexpats over here.
Shane: I agree. Shall we go to Patong and ogle some bar girls?
Andy: Ok.
by Roo May 30, 2005
Heaven help me, yet another nasty new noun, the unholy marriage of "volunteer" and "tourism".

Voluntourism, an act carried out by "voluntourists", is when hoardes of - generally - the great unwashed backpacker brigade descend on a place to do have a jolly nice holiday - usually at precious little cost to themselves - and do the occasional bit of good work.

Looks good on one's CV as a gap year activity.
Voluntourist 1: Shall we go to Khao Lak to engage in a spot of voluntourism?
Voluntourist 2: No, tsunami voluntourism is old hat now. All the bars are closed and hardly anyone is living in the houses built, anyway.
Voluntourist 1: Good point. (pauses) Sierra Leone?
Vouluntourist 2: Are you insane?
by Roo September 04, 2005
Narcotourism (noun) a compound of narco(tic) and tourism.

Narcotourism is the practice of travelling abroad from one's home or resident country with the express intention of procuring and using substances perhaps banned or prohibitively expense where one lives.

Not unlike reverse osmosis, i.e. one travels from a place of a low concenration of drugs to a place of a high concentration.
It is unlikely that the World Tourism Organization will ever endorse narcotourism.
by Roo May 30, 2005
Whorist (noun), a bastardised compound of whore and tourist, and to be fair, not a great deal different to a sexpat.
Since the tsunami, whorists have ventured to places other than Phuket.
by Roo May 30, 2005
Toilet, a place to defacate.
Swindon? I shalt not venture their Antonio, for it is a shite-hole populated by the ill-bred and feeble minded.

William Shakespeare
by Roo August 05, 2003
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