chav central - buy cheap (and nasty) Burberry in the "Designer" outlet. Has the highest percentage of people without a passport in Britain, and the highest ratio of McDonalds meals eaten to inhabitants in Europe.

Also used as perjorative term, see below.

Highlights - the A40 to Oxford

Lowlights - Christ where do I start????
F*ck me, you're thick...are you from Swind*n???
by stokeU August 06, 2004
A place in the south of the country. home of the famous Tom Drinkwater. Hes a real great guy! pritty moist but never the less we all love him. love you tom babe xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Verb "Im drinking some water in swindon"
by marrafromnorth January 30, 2008
a small town that cant play football and get there asses kicked by oufc
1-0 to the oxford boys
by Danny January 09, 2004
Where the infamous, most unsung soul singer of all time, Randy Brown came from.
The most unsung soul singer of all time came from Swindon, which is why no one bought his records.
by Bobby December 17, 2003

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