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It's a hybrid of super and weak, creating a justifiable word to be used in a sentence or phrase to claim how tired and or physically weak your body or mind is.
You wake up in the morning after a night of heavy drinking in SF after the Giants won the World Series and you say "I am hella sweak" and you can't even make a fist or get yourself some water
by jeanine_merie October 31, 2012
When something is simultaniously sweet and weak.
It's sweak that my boss asked me to work overtime this weekend.

Sweet because of the overtime
Weak because of working on the weekend
by Matt October 22, 2004
used to describe something that is simultaneously sweet and weak (good and bad). generally, the sweetness of said object is directly related to the weakness of it.

used to describe something that can be appreciated for how incredibly bad it is.
gary: "oh man, the movie 'labyrinth' starring jennifer connely and david bowie is pretty weak. but it's also pretty sweet."

greg: "yeah, it's pretty sweak."
by ninja4hire July 10, 2008
1. Sweak is a slang term meaning cool, or awesome.
First came around due to chat room and instant messaging typos.
"Didn't get any sleep last night."
"Playin' video games."
by Matt Garland March 13, 2006
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