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The practice of rolling a joint of weed i.e. skinning up
T Smash McPain: Oi, swar one up.

Head Chef: Yeah Yeah, I'm bang on that.


Head Chef: Yes Yes, what you sayin'?

T Smash McPain: Just Swarring up man, you?

Head Chef: On my way to yours now for some of that.
by no real wood is wood March 27, 2011
Swar means cool you would usaully saying "Think your all swar" Dublin Knacker word
"Think your all Swar dont ya slack"
"Thats because i am bleeding swar"
by SlackTGBOYRA April 06, 2009
To burn or smoke large amounts of marijuana
Hey Joe, hey Susan lets go swars.
by Jerri Blazenstadt March 07, 2010
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