N:Swank'er: A hipster who is drunk, but is too hip to admit they're drunk, hence they refer to themselves in the swank manner, as "Still cool."

V: To swank: The act of a hipster being drunk, yet playing it cool.

Adj: Swank: Used to describe someone of the hipster type, as drunk but trying to play it cool.
Examples of Base "Swank" and its forms in use.

N: "Look at that swanker, he is obviously drunk and should return to his studio apartment before embarrassing himself further.

V: "Play it down bro, no more beer, I am swanking as it is."

Adj: "Yeah she was a swank woman, playing it all cool and then proceeding to vomit on my mittens."
by Snoth October 23, 2011
swankers,wanker,panzy,bitch,pussy, winer
by blondbombshell2121 February 21, 2011
a wanker who swaggers
look at that swanker
by Timmy Two Tone June 23, 2004
A woman who resembeles Hilary Swank
Check out that swanker on 16th Street mall.
by webs71 April 28, 2007
A person with warty genitallion
Dave has anal warts therefore he is a swanker.
by scott anderson January 07, 2004

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