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an STD that causes lots of warts on your ass that will clog up your crack.

its really gross and you should hope to god to never see it or contract it.
" ha ha! jimmie got some Anal Warts yesterday."
by robot mayhem January 29, 2006
31 15
a·nal wart (ā'nəl wôrts)

A hard Group of rough lumps growing on the skin, caused by infection with certain viruses and occurring typically on anus caused by Anal Sex.
I thought I had roids but it turned out I had anal warts!
by bebo May 31, 2005
14 6
the pussy warts found deep within the anal crevis thought to be the tastiest delacasy in ethiopia
oi mohammed let me chew on your anal warts
by ADLA X October 14, 2008
11 11
a wart on the anus.
something you can yell randomly into the air to mess with peoples heads.
by cniel August 04, 2008
3 3